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About Richard Sapper


Richard Sapper was a German industrial designer based in Milan, Italy. He is considered one of the most important designers of his generation, his products typically featuring a combination of technical ... Wikipedia


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The Tizio lamp by Richard Sapper

Radio TS502

Richard Sapper Sandwich Clock

Bollitore for Alessi

Rear view mirror - 1956 for Mercedes 300 SL Roadster Daimler Benz

News about Sapper

Industrial designer Richard Sapper dies aged 83 (2016)

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Richard Sapper, designer of sleek housewares, dies aged 83 (The New York Times)

Sapper's 9091 kettle, 1983, was one of his many iconic kitchen products for Italian brand Alessi

The Tizio desk lamp designed for Artimede in 1972 is another of Sapper's most iconic products

Sapper designed the TS 502 radio for Brionvega, where he worked as a consultant with long-time collaborator Marco Zanuso

The Zoombike, 2000, was the culmination of Sapper's research into new urban transportation