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MHS Library | Mythology and Folklore

Mythology and Folklore from Un-textbook (created by Laura Gibbs)

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The fables of Aesop 

African stories from Lang's fairy books 

Alaskan legends 

Alice in Wonderland 

Alice's Looking Glass

American Indian Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales 

Apache Tales   

Arabian Nights   

Bengali Folktales 


Bible Women   


Blackfoot Stories   

Brer Rabbit I   

Brer Rabbit II 

British North America   


Canterbury Tales   

Celtic Fairy Tales I   

Celtic Fairy Tales II   

Cherokee Myths   

Chinese Fairy Tales   

Stories from Congo   

Cupid and Psyche   

Czech Folktales   

Dante's Inferno   

Decameron, The Ten Days

Egyptian Myth   

English Fairy Tales I   

English Fairy Tales II

Eskimo Folk Tales   

Europa's Fairy Book 

Lang's European Fairy Tales I   

Lang's European Fairy Tales II   

Fables of La Fontaine   

Faerie Queene - Britomart 

Filipino Tales 

Georgian Folktales 

Gospel of Mark   

Great Plains   

Grimm - Ashliman   

Grimm - Crane   

Grimm - Hunt 

Grimm - Librivox    



Holy Land Folklore   

Homer's Iliad 

Homer's Odyssey   

Indian Fairy Tales   

Infancy Gospels   

Italian Tales   

Jamaican Stories   

Japanese Fairy Tales (Lang)   

Japanese Fairy Tales (Ozaki)   

Japanese Mythology   

Jataka Tales (Babbitt)   

Jatak Tales (Shedlock)   

Jewish Fairy Tales   

Kalevala (Finnish)   

Khasi Folk Tales   

King Arthur   

Folklore of Laos   

The Mabinogi   

Mississippi Valley and The Great Lakes   

The Monkey King   

Native American Hero Tales 

Native American Marriage Tales   

Nigerian Folk Stories   

Noah and The Ark   

Nursery Rhymes   

Ovid I   

Ovid II   

Ovid III   

Pacific Northwest   

Ryder's Panchatantra   

Persian Tales   

Raja Rasalu   


Robin Hood   

Russian Folktales   

Saints and Animals   

Santal Folklore   

Kotura, Lord of the Winds (Siberian)

The Voyages of Sindbad   

Sioux Legends   

South African Folktales   


Tales of a Parrot   

Tejas Legends 

Tibetan Folktales   

Turkish Fairytales   

Twenty-two Goblins   

Welsh Fairytales (Emerson)   

Welsh Fairy Book (Thomas)   

West African Folktales   

Women Saints of the Golden Legend   

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