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Melbourne High School Library: About Us



The Melbourne High School library is a welcoming, dynamic and stimulating community which complements and supports the MHS statement of purpose. (see - )

The library  provides students the opportunity for creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.  The library aims to support teachers in developing critical and creative thinking, ethical, intercultural, personal and social capabilities of students.

It aims to:

  • support students’ learning and enrich their research;

  • prepare students to be informed, critical and mindful users of information;

  • provide access to a wide variety of relevant, well managed resources to support teaching and learning;

  • support, deliver and collaborate with teachers through the creation of resources and curriculum content;

  • inspire students to be lifelong readers;

  • prepare students for the transition to tertiary study;

  • provide an environment which encourages students to become responsible citizens

  • be a space for the exchange of ideas, collaboration and creativity

  • promote intellectual freedom and democratic ideals

 We are open each school day 8 am - 4 pm 

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The Library Team

Suzannah Hawtin (ext 133)

Suzannah has previously taught English both here and in the UK. She draws on her love of reading and appreciation of excellent literature to encourage all students to read and challenge their reading habits by broadening their genre choices. She works closely with English teachers to match students to books for Literature Circles studies, and teaches Year 9 English. 


Catherine Morton (ext 112)

Catherine in an innovator, researcher and curator. She loves working in educational environments where she can share her information literacy and study skills expertise with students and colleagues.

Catherine has driven school library vans in the Strathbogie Ranges and worked in public libraries where she connected readers to books and researchers to information. She shared the greatest and latest from Kinglake to Kew. Catherine also collaborated with young adult authors to present major literary events for students across Victoria. Her passions include peer coaching, technology integration and maintaining a personal learning network. She tweets as @melbhslibrary. When she’s not filling the stacks, you might find her walking by the Yarra River or playing flute in the Eltham Concert Band.

Tania Sheko (ext 112)

Tania spends much of her time creating and capturing things online, then sharing with others, for example, in Libguides and Pinterest. She runs a Writing Interest Group (WIG) which also has a blog. She and Suzannah are behind the MHS Library Instagram account. In a previous life Tania has taught English, German, French, Russian and English as a Second Language. Tania enjoys working with teachers and students across a range of subject areas, including English, English literature, English language, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Sociology and Theatre Studies, and she teaches English Language and Personal Development. She works with Visual Arts students to develop critical and digital literacies (using the Medium blogging platform). She's excited by art and storytelling, language and languages (she speaks Russian and once studied Arabic at university).

Library Technicians 

Jenny Krasnowski (ext 133) 

Jenny is responsible for the acquisitions and processing of print material so she is normally surrounded by books. She spends much of her time selecting and editing educational film resources for teachers and students on Clickview. She is famous for her knack of fixing things, and supports teacher librarians by finding online resources for them just when they're needed.

Denise Beanland (ext 133)

Denise is an avid reader, and has a range of responsibilities including managing the magazine subscriptions and creating displays which enhance the library and attract passers-by with their attention to detail and innovative design. Most students will know Denise because she takes the time to ask them how they're going and chat a while. Denise is famous for putting on amazing morning teas. Her specialty is the role of Tiffin-Mistress at our annual Tea Duel.