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MHS Library | Design Futures Speakers

Design Futures Speakers

The Secondary School Forum and Careers Expo is exclusively curated for secondary school
students, parents and teachers. 
The event features a two-hour forum, preceded by a design
careers expo.

The Design Futures Forum and Careers Expo introduces students to a line-up of international
design masters, across multiple disciplines, recognised for their unique ideas and exemplary execution of their craft. Design Futures presents an opportunity for teachers of design, and
students interested in the creative industries, to gain an insight into the role of design in
multiple sectors.

(Source: Ideas on Design/Design Futures Secondary School Forum)

Design Futures Speakers 2015

Radovan Jenko (Slovenia)

Henrik Kubel (UK)

Flavia Cocchi (Switzerland)

Madeleine Scott Spencer (USA)

Mia Blume (USA)  

Aaron Limonick (USA)

Lisa Strausfeld (USA)  

Masashi Kawamura (Japan)  

Dirk Vander Kooij (Netherlands)