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Your RESEARCH will include sources of information that you found in FRENCH and ENGLISH.

Your RESEARCH will include a bibliography (how to create a bibliography in APA style, click here). If you create slides to accompany your oral, the last slide should be a bibliography.


TABLE 1 - Fill this in dot points and include synonyms (alternate words and alternate spelling)

  Name of famous Francophone Field and date(s) of their famous endeavour(s) Their influence/contribution to French society
en anglais  
en français      


Searching for general information (en anglais)

CANVAS Library 2022 Course

Access  EBSCO - use the EXPLORA database


Searching for general information (en fran├žais)

Basic encyclopedia in French click here


Google search tips:

  • Use quotation marks when searching for a phrase e.g. "climate change"
  • Use the I'm feeling lucky button to find the most popular website on a topic

Search website titles:

  • e.g. allintitle:climate change

Search specific sites or domains:

  •  eg: site:edu            (searchs .edu sites only)
  • eg:         (searches only government sites)

Search for specific document types:

  • eg: filetype:pdf          filetype:ppt               filetype:xls

Find a definition:

  • eg: define: nanotechnology

Advanced search option:

  • You can combine many of the above commands and add date restrictions, if you start your search in the Advanced Search screen

Researching their influence/contribution to French society (en anglais)

CANVAS Library 2022 Course

Access  EBSCO - use the History Reference Centre database

Difficult - Researching their influence/contribution to French society (en fran├žais)

The State Library of Victoria (SLV) has digital resources, some are searchable en français

 Join the SLV and GET INSTANT ACCESS. You can do this online by clicking here.

We will be using the SLV database called JStor.