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MHS Library | English Language Year 11

We are covering /phonemic/, not [phonetic] realisation in Units 1-4.

We are not covering diacritics, pre-occlusion, palatalisation  or any other of the nightmares of phonetic transcription. Having said this, Fox tends to cloud the matter by using the /phonemic/ markers and [phonetic] parenthesis markers indiscriminately (see, for example, page 10, Qs.1 and 2). This leads to confusion so take note.

We will only use the /phonemic/ markers. In addition, /phonemes/ such as /p/ or /dʒ/ or /æ/ are always represented, in VCE at least, within forward slashes.
Use this website: (Links to an external site.) and use that IPA keyboard, as it is simple and intuitive. 
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