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MHS Library | Politics - National and Global

What I need to do 'in a nutshell'

Go to the MHS Civics and Citizenship website

Consult with the teacher librarians assigned to your form (A-C Ms McColl; D-G Ms Sheko; H-K Ms Buckland; L-N Ms Arundell)

Look carefully at the marking criteria

Key question : What does it mean to be a citizen in Australia and a member of a democratic community?

1. Draw on, and reflect on, your community and leadership experiences this year (see page 2 of handout)

2. Select 2 major research areas (and become knowledgeable about these) and answer 2 major questions (pages 3-4 handout) 

3. Interview at least one person (p 2 handout)

4. Meet with your group members as often as you can (eg when a teacher is away and no work has been left, or before and during form assembly), and share the knowledge you have gained from your two research areas and in answering your 2 questions.

5. As a group, work out how you will draw in your collective experiences and your new-found knowledge to answer the key question as a group oral presentation.

Task 2 - Individual written submission (500-800 words)

Solve a local, national or international problem

1. Select a local, national or internatinal problem or issue

2. Suggest a solution or solutions.

- The problem or issue does not need to be earth-shattering; sometimes simple problems and issues are the most difficult to solve. The aim is for you to think creatively and strategically, and use the knowledge you have gained and apply it to a real situation.

- The problem or issue can be, for example, family-based, school-based, relevant to teenagers, your local residential community, a particular group of people, an economic issue, a political issue, an environmental issue, a legal issue, a humanitarian issue, an Australian issue, an Asia-Pacific issue or a global issue. Choose something that will fire your imagination and stimulate your mind. You never know, you might be able to patent your solution!

Recommended sites

Australian Citizenship (Aust. Government)

The Australian Collaboration The Australian Collaboration is a consortium of peak national community organisations representing social, cultural and environmental interests.

The Australian Government Portal

Australian Hansard More than 110 years of trascripts of Australian Federal Parliamentary proceedings (Hansard) are available for searching

Museum of Australian Democracy  

Civics and Citizenship Education 

If it were my home Compares countries with one another

The Law Handbook Your practical guide to law in Victoria

National Archives of Australia 

Discovering Democracy discussion papers

The Conversation

The Monthly: Australian politics, society and culture