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MHS Library | How to cite and reference your sources (Monash University)

Government / Technical Reports

Before using this guide check with your faculty, school or department for their specific referencing guidelines.



Follow these examples closely for all layout, punctuation, spacing and capitalizing.

Enter author's surname, followed by no more than 2 initials.

Give all authors and separate each by a comma and a space.

Where the author is an organisation, quote the full name of the organisation, omitting the word "The" if preceding the name. Follow the name with the country of origin in parenthesis ( ) using only the two letter country code. See Appendix D of Citing Medicine.

Where an author and organisation are cited, use the author's name. Add the organisation's name at your discretion.

If there are no authors, only editors, list all editors, followed by a comma and the word editor(s)

Only the first word of the article title and words that normally begin with a capital letter are capitalized.

The place of publication is the city in which the report was published. For US and Canadian cities follow with the two letter state code in Appendix E, for all other cities us the two letter country code in Appendix D

Include page numbers in an abbreviated format. e.g.: p. 12-25. Where appropriate abbreviate e.g. p. 241-8

For electronic reports include the DOI if it is given and place it after the URL.

Abbreviate months to their first 3 letters


Print Reports


 Notate report numbers in the appropriate format eg Report No. or ABS Cat. No.


Author AA, Author BB. Title of report. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Total number of pages.  Report No.: 


Editor AA, Editor BB, editor(s). Title of report. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Total number of pages.  Report No.: 


Organsisation Name. Title of report. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Total number of pages.  Report No.: 


Rowe IL, Carson NE. Medical manpower in Victoria. East Bentleigh (AU): Monash University, Department of Community Practice; 1981. 35 p. Report No.: 4, 1980.


Reader GG, Weber Goss ME, editors. Comprehensive medical care and teaching: a report on the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center program. Ithica (NY): Cornell University Press. 1967. 391 p. 


Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australia’s environment: issues and facts. Canberra (AU); 1992. 354 p. ABS Cat. No. 4140.0

Electronic Reports

Additional information is required in electronic reports. The media type is notated in square brackets eg [Internet]. 

The cited date must be included.

The URL from which it is retrieved is included at the end, as is the DOI if one is available.


Author AA, Author BB. Title of report [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication [cited YYYY abbr. Month DD].  Total number of pages. Report No.: Available from: URL DOI

Example Li Z, Zeki R, Hilder L, Sullivan EA. Australia's mothers and babies 2010 [Internet]. Canberra (AU): AIHW; 2012 [cited 2012 Dec 18]. 132 p. Cat. No.: PER 57. Available from: