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MHS Library | How to cite and reference your sources (Monash University)


Published thesis

Cite published theses as you would a book.  Italicize the title and include the publication date. You can also include either the UMI or institution's microfiche number for reference.

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Thesis. Thesis type. Granting University, Year. Place of Publication: Microfiche number if available, Year of Publication. Medium.


Martin, Adrian. Towards a synthetic analysis of film style. PhD thesis. Monash U, 2006. Caulfield: MOUN 10642, 2006. Print.

Fujimura, Kenji. Researching performance: translations into editions and performances of the forgotten piano works of William Hurlstone (1876-1906). PhD thesis. Monash U, 2008. Clayton: MOUN 12135, 2008. Print.

Unpublished thesis

For unpublished works, put the title in quotation marks and end with the date the degree was awarded. Finish with the medium.

Lastname, Firstname. "Title of Thesis." Thesis type. Granting University, Place: Microfiche number if available, Year. Medium.

Curnow, James. "Imagining the next disaster: the third wave of SF disaster cinema." MA thesis. Monash U, Clatyon: MOUN 13052, 2010. Print.

PhD Thesis accessed Online


Lorentz, Jonathan. The improvisational process of saxophonist George Garzone with analysis of selected jazz solos from 1995-1999. PhD thesis. New York U, New York: UMI 3332514, 2008  Proquest Dissertations and Theses. Web. 6 Dec 2012.

Coughlin, Paul. The same old song: ironic revisions in the films of Joel and Ethan Coen. PhD thesis. Monash U, Clayton, 2004. Monash University Research Repository Web. 12 Dec 2012. 

In text citation 

The Coens' ability to create rivetting characters through brilliant dialogue is their distinguishing factor (Coughlin 2).


As argued by Coughlin, the Coens' have the ability to distinguish their work with clever character development through brilliant dialogue (2).

Tips from the MLA Guide

Thesis Type

Use PhD thesis for PhD theses, MA thesis/MS thesis etc. for Masters, followed by the granting university and the year in which the degree was awarded.

Granting university name

Use the abbreviated U for University in the name of the granting university. For example, Monash U or U of Tokyo.

Published vs Unpublished theses?