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MHS Library | How to cite and reference your sources (Monash University)

Sacred texts

Sacred text

The Chicago Style Guide refers to the SBL Handbook of Style for more detailed biblical references.

Rule for Notes

There are standard Biblical abbreviations listed in 10.48-10.50 of the Chicago Style Manual. It is recommended to use these abbreviations if cited frequently. Page references are not used.

Note Number. Book title Chapter Number : Verse

Example of Note entry

1. Genesis 1:27 (New International Version).

2. Ruth 1:16-17 (NIV).

Subsequent Note entry

3. Gen. 8:4 (NIV)

Rule for Bibliography Versions and sections of the Bible are usually abbreviated in the form of initialisms, especially when they consist of more than one word. See examples 10.51 of the Chicago Style Manual.

Example of Bibliography entry

The Holy Bible: Containing The Old Testament and The New Testament. NIV. Michigan: Zondervan Bible Publishers, 1982