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MHS Library | How to cite and reference your sources (Monash University)


Footnote Style Notes

  • If there is no article title, give the article type (not in quotation marks). For example: Obituary, Editorial.
  • Omit 'The' from newspaper titles.
  • Add a city name if the newspaper is not well known, e.g. Examiner (Launceston).
  • Page numbers are usually omitted.
  • Details of the edition can be added to a note or bibliographical entry. For example: final edition, Midwest edition.
  • If the paper is published in several sections, the section number or name may be given.
  • To cite an article consulted online, include the URL.

Bibliography Notes

  • Newspaper articles are more commonly cited in the running text rather than as a note.
  • A list of works cited need not list newpaper items if these have been documented in the text.
  • No corresponding entry in a bibliography would be needed for the following citation (nor would it be necessary in such a case to include information about edition or, for an article consulted online, a URL).


Newspaper article (Print)

Rule for Notes

Note Number. Author's First and Last Names, "Article Title." Publication Name, Date of Publication.

Example of Note entry

1. Alan Riding, "Selective French Homage To Jewish History; Scant Mention of Holocaust in a New Museum," New York Times, Dec 28, 1998.

Subsequent Note entry

3. Riding, "Selective French Homage,".

Rule for Bibliography

Note number. Author's First and Last Names. "Article Title," Publication Name, Date of Publication.

Example of Bibliography entry

Alan Riding. "Selective French Homage To Jewish History; Scant Mention of Holocaust in a New Museum." New York Times, Dec 28, 1998.