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MHS Library | Visual Communication Design

Yes Captain

Yes Captain  James Cowan (Creative Director) - Captain of the ship, James is a designer, animator and filmmaker with over 18 years experience across feature films, television, advertising, music video, short film, events, documentaries and digital.  Kim Cowan (Executive Producer) - has worked with some recognisable brands and events such as SPC (Coca-Cola Amatil), ANZ, Fosters, City of Melbourne, Sydney Film Festival, Transurban and Southern Health to call out a few.

Yes Captain was asked to create a big, bright and fast paced animated TVC for Luna Park and their “Biggest Summer Ever” campaign.

Follow Yes Captain on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Adam Nickel

Adam Nickel  has a love of everything old, especially if it has wheels on it. This tends to come through in a lot of his illustration work. He lives in Australia on the Sunshine Coast. Follow his blog to see some of his work.

Cat MacInnes

Born to an artist father and a ceramicist mother, Cat MacInnes was destined to be creative. From a young age she loved drawing. In high school she was drawing caricatures of her teachers as the animals they resembled, and to this day she sees people as their animal resemblances. Follow Cat on her blog.

Kindred Studio

Kindred Studio is the multi-disciplinary studio of Sydney based Illustrator, Designer and Art Director Andrew Fairclough. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter and Skillshare.

An Online Skillshare Class by Andrew Fairclough

Benja Harney

Benja Harney is a paper engineer. As a professional creative, artist and educator, Harney has led his Sydney-based studio, Paperform, to develop a body of work that pushes the possibilities of the paper medium. Pop-up books, paper sculpture, installation, illustration, packaging, fine art, fashion, animation, set design, puppetry – Harney makes anything and everything possible within this endlessly inventive craft. Follow him on Instagram. Benja is based in Sydney, Australia.

Stevie Watkins

Stevie Watkins is an animation director based in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently being represented by XYZ Studios.


Adrian Clifford

Most days, and many nights, Adrian Clifford can be found with a pencil or mouse in hand, bent to the task of making simple ideas complex, or complex ideas simple. He has a taste for the mythic and a fondness for the everyday, which are reflected in his work with a spectrum of imagery ranging from scary to beautiful (or both at the same time). Adrian lives in Brisbane, Australia. Adrian is part of the Rinzen design group.