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MHS Library | Visual Communication Design

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Toshio Miyake (graphic designer, Japan)

Kent Lovén 

Marc Sublet (graphic designer, Switzerland)

U Soma 

Marcus Hay

Steven Vandenplas



Hege Vestbø Sætre (Norway)

The Minimalista

Chris Dangtran (Creative Director)

Ulrika Reinholdsson (boards include Soviet textile pattern, patterns, textile patterns, posters, typography, design, etc.)

Jayeon Kim (boards include architecture, pattern, drawing, photography, collage, interiors)

Vero (Iceland) (boards include collage, graphic design, sculpture, art installation, animation, graphic novels)

Filip (boards include Russian Soviet graphic design, Czechoslovakian graphic design, Chinese vintage design, Chinese posters, Turkish vintage design, Soviet fabric design and more)

Polina Pakhomova - graphic designer (boards include book design, packaging, logo design, poster design, typography, patterns/forms, Scandanavian furniture, urban design and more)

Antmot Ant (Bangkok) 

Marcos Vazquez (boards include graphic design, collage, typography, patterns, street art, and more)

Marcelo de Lavor - architect (Brasil) (boards include architecture, architectural drawings, interiors, outdoor, installation and more) 

Marco Siegel-Acevedo (Designer - Eveston, IL) (Boards include brand, design, graphic design, posters, album covers, design objects, photography, montage, environmental design and more)

e.delacruz (Art & Museum educator/researcher/editor Visual Arts research journal/community arts advocate) 

Yiwei (boards include design, object, business card, posters, photography, logos, architecture and more)

Anastasia (boards include interiors and design, architecture, graphic design and more)

Paul Wright - UK based graphic designer (boards include graphic design, illustration, editorial design, packaging, corporate stationery, advertising, info graphics, product design and more)

Meta B boards include architecture, street furniture, landscape architecture, concrete, font typefaces, album cover design, posters, photography, patterns, Indian and Islamic patterns, and more)

Maria Vega (Boards include architecture, green architecture, interiors, furniture, wood, concrete, decline and more)

Miho Hiramatsu (Boards include architecture, design, interior design, patterns and textures, geometric design and more)

Polina Pakhomova (Boards include packaging, logo design, poster design, typography, signage, object/industrial design, pop art and more)

Anna Dunn (Boards include illustration, design, typography, maps, icons)  

Keito Negishi (Architect) - boards include House, Interior Design, product design, furniture, architecture, fashion, accessories and more.










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Joanie Lemercier - Blueprints

Form - inspiration triangles 

Kien Bui - collections include interior design, product design, architecture, fashion design, etc.