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MHS Library | History

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Finding Books

Get to know the Dewey divisions in the History section - by doing so you will be able to find History books in most libraries. It also is useful at those times when you know the topic but don't know where to start looking. Note that resources about specific conflicts such as wars, revolutions and civil rights movements will be located within the division for the country where the conflict took place.

  • 900 Historiography, historical theory, historical dictionaries
  • 910 Geography, travel, atlases 
  • 920 Biography, genealogy, flags 
  • 930 History of the ancient world (this includes Egypt, Greece and Rome) 
  • 940 History of Europe 
  • 950 History of Asia
  • 960 History of Africa
  • 970 History of North America
  • 980 History of South America
  • 990 History of other areas (this includes Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica)  

For further divisions, click here.

Finding Books with Primary Sources

Books that contain primary source material will have been assigned a subject heading that includes the word "sources". For example:

  • Rome - History - Sources
  • World War, 1914-1918 - Sources
  • United States - History - 1861-65, Civil War - Sources    

As you can see, these headings can get quite lengthy. If you are uncertain of the exact Subject heading to use, try a Keyword search instead. Type your keyword and link it together with the word "sources" ( eg.: Churchill sources).