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Wellbeing: Sleep Advice

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Kako advice on sleep

From Ms Vassie Kakolyris


  • Start getting up earlier each day. Get up earlier each day by at least half an hour until you are waking up at the time you normally would to get to school on time.
  • Don’t nap! Even though this will be difficult initially do not have a nap. You will only tamper with your sleep rhythms even more so.
  • Try to make your room as dark as possible. Light from your mobile, computer or TV can keep you up. This will help especially if you are trying to go to sleep a lot earlier than usual.
  • Try to put your phone in another room so that you don’t get distracted by messages etc. If you must have it in your room set your phone to silent.
  • Try to wind down before sleeping. Even if it is 5 minutes of relaxation breathing.

How much sleep do you actually need?

Try some soothing music