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Wellbeing: Positive habits

Resources and links on Student Wellbeing

The biology of positive habits

Wellbeing with Melbourne Football Club

The Education Department have teamed up with the Melbourne Football Club to bring you important information, tips and messages on wellbeing.

Angus talks resilience. Libby and Paxy talk physical activity. Jack and Christian talk mindfullness. Tom and Sam talk gratitude.


Engage in regular exercise

Find instructional exercise videoas on HASfit to help you stay healthy at home

Kick it with Victory - daily videos with skills and exercises brought to you by Melbourne Victory FC & The Victorian Department of Education

Practice Yoga - Down Dog - a free app for educators unitl 1/7 undefined

Stay Connected

Take a virtual tour, visit a world renowned museum, explore the oceans

Watch a free performance, such as Isol-Aid Featival

Write someone a Gratitude Letter

Stream a movie for free from Beamafilm or Kanopy using your local library card


An illustrated guide to BACE self-care - ABC LIfe

If you're looking for ideas on how to keep physically and mentally well and fill your days with good things, we're here to keep things BACE-ic for you.