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Google search tips

Don't forget to explore the options under the search box. Here are some of them. 

Tools: filter by ‘country’ and ‘time’. If you want results from Australia, select 'Australia' under 'filter by country'. If you want recent articles, select eg. 'past year' under the 'any time'


When you select 'images' in your search, you can also open up options by selecting 'Tools'. You can select size (choose your resolution), colour (including black and white and transparent), type (face, clip art, line drawing, animated), time, usage rights.

'Usage rights' enables you to select different license permissions so you can use/reuse images ethically and legally.

More tools will show the sizes on the images themselves.


Any duration, any time, any quality, any source (Youtube, ABC, TED, etc.)


Books- Tools:

Any books, preview available, Google ebooks, free Google ebooks

Any document: books, magazines

Any time: century range


Phrase searches: If you want words to be together in a search, add “...” - this forces exact match


Google will search for all your query words unless you use modifiers.

If you want to indicate that any one of your words is acceptable, use OR


When you connect words together in a search, Google connects them with AND


If you want to indicate that a word must not appear in your search, use - (minus sign)

Note: the symbol must appear directly before the word with  no space.


The tilde character ~ when added at the start of a word, will bring back not only the exact match but also synonyms. Eg ~ape returns monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee


Two periods (..) looks for results that fall within your specified range. Eg digital camera 3..5 megapixel $800..$1000


Intitle: restricts your search to the titles of webpages

Allintitle: finds pages in which all the specified words appear in the title of the webpage

Intext: searches only body text, ignoring link text, urls and title.

Site: allows you to search by a site or top-level domain, eg site:edu

Cache: finds a copy of the page that Google indexed even if that page is no longer available at its original url or has changed content altogether.


Filetype:   eg filetype:ppt


Google Reverse Image Search


Challenge yourself - A Google A Day

Challenge yourself - A Google A Day gives you a search challenge every day. Go back and try the archived searches too. Don't leave this special Google page or else the challenge will be spoiled.

The Knowledge Graph

Learn about the Knowledge Graph. 

Google Search advertisement - the human element