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Collaborating on a Google Doc

How would you like to use technology to share and collaborate in the classroom?

Click on the link above to open Google doc and add required information.

Google Drive icons and buttons

Google Docs for Teachers

Adding voice comments to a Google doc

Teachers can add their comments as a voice recording to their student's essay in Google Docs.

Working in Google Drive - Steps

Part 1: Drive

  • Google Drive is available with any gmail/Google account.

  • See links at top, one of them is Drive, or just type into your browser.

  • Drive serves as a cloud storage service for any document/file you want, similar to Dropbox

  • Dropbox gives you 2 free GB free space, whereas Drive gives you 15 GB

  • You can upload and store just about any type of file in Google Drive - pdfs, music files, movie files, image files can all be stored

  • Click on Activity section in left hand list (optional)

  • Click button next to create - upload button - to upload a file

  • you can see how much storage you’ve used and how much you have (bottom of list of options on left)

  • you can upload file/files or folder 
  • don’t convert pdf and image files to Google doc (you can check first box but don’t check second box)

  • upload files and they come up as list in order of ‘last modified’

  • You can shut down, go and open on any computer anywhere and have access to all your stuff once you've logged in.

  • You can search for your file from Drive and filter by type, visibility, and ownership


2. Creating Google docs

  • Work from ‘Activity’ section (click ‘more’ dropdown if you can’t see it) to see details of ownership, folders and dates

  • Google docs works as a fully functioning word processing suite, almost all of the same features as Microsoft Office 

  • click big red Create button drop-down list: you have a number of options as to which file you can create:

  • document same as Microsoft Word

  • presentation same as powerpoint

  • spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel

  • forms are for creating surveys and questionnaires

  • drawing is for creating diagrams or charts eg a flowchart etc

  • folder is a folder obviously for file management


    To create a document

  • click on red button Create on left and select 'document'
  • opens in new tab so you still have access to your 'activity' screen in Drive

  • Now you have an untitled document

  • Google Docs has auto-save feature, you don’t have to save, and it starts working as soon as you start typing

  • First thing you do when you create a document, name it, otherwise you’ll have a list of ‘unnamed documents’ and it will be confusing

  • You don’t have to save!!

  • this document is available anywhere now as long as you log into your account

  • You have a formatting bar at the top, change font, size, colour, links, comments,

  • You can add a comment by clicking on the comment box icon at the top in the formatting bar or 'Insert' comment

  • Click on highlighted text and you can respond/add to the comment


3. Sharing files and folders

  • 2 types of sharing: with Google docs user or with non-Google docs person as email attachment

  • with Google docs user: Share button top right once you open the document

  • sharing options: allow user to edit, comment or just view

  • You can use revision history to see who made changes and when

  • notify by email and optional adding a message

  • you can paste the item into the email, user will not have to go into google docs

  • click share and save

  • next to document it says ‘shared’

  • Now the person who received the email will be able to edit the doc if you have allowed it

  • You could have real time collaboration

  • you can change editing permissions at any time

  • you could even make the other person the owner if you wanted to remove the item from your docs

  • with non-Google docs user: instead of second share, choose email as attachment

  • choose format of file to be sent, eg pdf or microsoft word

  • email collaborators (under second share) - the doc has already been shared but you want to alert them to something
  • Make sure you make a copy of your document when you've shared a doc that someone else can edit or if someone else has share one with you 

Create a folder

Then you can drag and move files into the folder


Document organisation

Go into activity section, you can see all files according to last modified by anyone

All items list will show your folders whereas Activities list won’t show folders


How to get Google Docs offline