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English: Mythology, folklore, fairytales (world)

Resources to support the teaching and learning of English

Mythology and Folklore

Mythology and Folklore collections online (compiled by Laura Gibbs)




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Interactive short story books

Cossack Fairy Tales (1916)

The Chinese Fairy Book (1921)

The Hare of Inaba (1892, Japan)

Croatian Tales of Long Ago (1922)

Illuminated version of Lord Tennyson's Morte d'Arthur (1912)

Russian Fairytales (1915)

Leo Tolstoy's Fables for Children (1904)

Navaho Legends (1897) Book from the American Folk-Lore Society compiling Navaho myths and legends and including also a lengthy introduction on the history, beliefs and customs of the Navaho people.  

Aino Folktales (1888) The Ainu (アイヌ?), also called Aynu, Aino (アイノ), and in historical texts Ezo (蝦夷), are a group of indigenous people living in Japan and Russia – thought to originate from the Jōmon-jin people whom many think might have been the first to settle North America.

Welsh Fairytales and Other Stories (1894)

Old French Fairytales (1920)