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Year levels

Studio Arts Year 12                                                   
Studio Arts Year 11

Year 10 Drawing and Painting

Year 9
Home and Place
Dissection of Self


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Art Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries                                                                        

Heide Museum of Modern Art                                                         
The National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Australia

Louvre Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Getty

Musee d'Orsay

Uffizi Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago
Tate Modern
National Gallery of Art (USA)

The Guggenheim Museum


(Pictured right: Peter Ellis, Melbourne 3001)

Art Reference

Art reference                                                                                          

Art History Resources

Artlex (definitions)

Art Cyclopedia

Mother of All Art and Art History Pages

Refseek: Art

Tate's Online Glossary of Art Terms


(Pictured right: Icon with the Heavenly Ladder of Saint John Climacus, late 12th century)


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Quick links

Quick links

Art Conservation and Restoration                                                         

Art History 


Art Styles 




Elements and Principles of Art

Painting and mixed media


Art blogs

Art blogs to get ideas from

Tate blog

The IB Art Studio (student artwork)

50 Watts

Art and Design - The New York Times

But does it float


Gwenn Seemel writes a lovely art blog in English and French

Art websites for ideas (teachers & students)

Art websites for ideas

Student Art Guide
Developing Nicely - a blog by Chris Francis, UK Art teacher and Senior Leader at St Peter’s Catholic School, Bournemouth, England.

Visual Arts external exemplars New Zealand Qualifications Authority

AP Studio Art - Drawing  

AP Studio Art - 2D design 

AP Studio Art - 3D Design 

Studio Art Student Portfolios (click on 2014, 2015)

Ms Kings' AP Studio Art Class The website by AP Studio teacher Carrie King contains information about critiques, perspective, line drawing, the depiction of glass and metal objects, working in monochrome, figure drawing and still life arrangements.

Fortismere, a secondary school based in Haringey, North London, has a thriving Art Department.  Their website links to Flickr, in which they have categorised an extensive collection of images: A Level Photography, A Level Fine Art etc. While there are a huge number of photographs to go through, there are some really fantastic pieces of work.
(Source: Student Art Guide)

Subject guide created by

Subject guide created by


Tania Sheko