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Visual Art: Lesson ideas

Online resources supporting the learning and teaching of the Visual Arts

Art lesson ideas - drawing

Geometric sculptures - shared by Brooke Richards Adamson

The geometric sculptures are done in my intro 3D class. I have some templates that they trace and they design their own patterns to create forms. I use it to discuss in-the-round, using x-actors and rulers, paint and hot glue control, and general craftsmanship. They have to create 5 or more, but no more than 3 of the same form. Arrange in an asymmetrical composition. Sometimes they hang, sometimes they make special stands. We also use them to discuss maquettes and large scale sculptures...we look at Louise Nevelson, David Smith and Naguchi.

They always do value exercises before they begin new projects. I usually have them do a stepped value scale with solid values, graded scales and then controlled value applications that utilize both solid and grades values together. We also work with the grades pencils so they them together to build value.



How to brainstorm ideas, sketch and create an art work

Excellent tutorial by Clara Lieu.

Puddle monsters

This is a sketchbook assignment. They made puddles with clean water then dropped in color and rolled it around. Once it was dry they had to turn it into a monster. Then they had to put it in an environment. We looked at Steve Loya.



Student work shared by Brooke Richards Adamson

Teacher's comments: The graphite drawings are the first assignment I give my AP students. They create a non-objective composition using pencil. They must fill the format, use overlapping, consider the foreground, middle ground, and background. They must use a full range of values. They typically work 18x24.  The next set of drawings were done by my AP students also, they were to use the lowly ballpoint pen. The assignment was inspired by this issue of Drawing magazine. I showed a short ppt with images from Lauren Marx, II Lee, and Nicholas Sanchez. They could work within realism, non-objectively, or surrealism. They could only use pen for 98% of the drawing bc some wanted to add a bit of watercolor and another added a little chalk pastel into the background.