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General resources for Art teachers

Art analysis worksheet

Dr Max Darby - art teaching website 

Deon Van Dorp (South Africa) shares the way he teaches Art on his website.

High School Visual Arts - Art teacher, Elizabeth Jendeck's, website, which features student work as well as exemplars for educational purposes.  

Clara Lieu has a website with excellent resources, some of which is free, and she has shared her students' artwork as well as art critiques, art tutorials, and more on Pinterest.

Jenny Tiefel Art Ed is a comprehensive art teacher's site with examples of student art work, student journals, and, under 'Resources' at the top, IB curriculum resources, resources for artists, art history and art techniques, and Jenny's blog.

Tips from a student

Art tips from a high achieving student

  • My exploration was not only visual, but personal too. It showed my development as an artist and a thinker. I only had around 5 ideas at the beginning because I wasn’t familiar with the kitchen, but as I personally explored the kitchen more, inspiration came naturally.
  • I cared about my topic. I was exploring my hobby and my culture. If I wasn’t passionate about my topic, by the 8th or 9th image I would’ve hated my work. Artwork without passion is apparent.
  • It was visually appealing. Even though my personal story and passion were there, my Concentration wouldn’t be as strong if I did not play with perspectives and color schemes. I was really experimental about it too, and when the compositions didn’t work, they still served as a springboard for the next idea.
  • My topic was versatile enough to have twelve different ideas united under it. The kitchen has interesting tools, objects and angles I could use to experiment. That kept my idea fresh, yet united.
  • My topic was flexible. Choosing my kitchen as a basis for my topic might seem simple, but it provided enough room for experimenting with techniques that weren’t necessarily kitchen-related, like superimposition or collage.
  • My topic was accessible. I could go back easily to the kitchen and photograph some more, or look for other inspirations. This made a huge difference when some compositions needed more reworking than others. Read more here.

Art teacher websites with examples of work

Developing Nicely by Chris Francis, UK Art teacher and Senior Leader at St Peter’s Catholic School, Bournemouth, England. The blog contains thought-provoking articles that are illustrated with creative, contemporary student artwork.

Julia Stubbs is an Advanced Skills Teacher in Art and Design at William de Ferrers School, Essex, England. Her website features high quality GCSE and A Level Art artwork, photographed comprehensively and listed with results. Exemplar material is available, as are teaching resources.

Ms King's AP Studio Art Class This blog contains activities cover perspective, line drawing, the depiction of glass and metal objects, working in monochrome, figure drawing and still life arrangements.

InThinking Visual Arts is a website for International Baccalaureate Art teachers written by Heather McReynolds, who has over 20 years of teaching and examining experience. Heather was previously Head of Art at the International School of Florence and now offers training and workshops for IB Art teachers, writes textbooks and shares knowledge via the InThinking Visual Arts website. Although this site is subscription based, there is enough free content to keep you busy for hours. was created by Dr. Marvin Bartel and contains essays about drawing, creativity and teaching art.

Fehran Khan has shared photography and art portfolios on Flickr. He has uploaded many outstanding A Level Photography and Art portfolios, shared in their entirety, with legible annotation and process documented, making these excellent learning tools. Students investigate exciting subject matter, explore contemporary editing techniques and stage innovative compositions.

Dan China is a secondary school Art Adviser with a wealth of experience. His past roles include Ofsted Inspector and Chief Moderator / Examiner. He has worked on curriculum and assessment developments as well as revisions to examinations and assessment strategy, and he has published a fantastic collection of student artwork on Flickr, depicting some of the best A Level student work from Buckinghamshire schools.

Fortismere Art Department  is part of a secondary school based in Haringey, North London. Explore the drop down options from the 'Student area' tab. 

AP Central Collegeboard website Advanced Placement (AP) is a rigorous high school qualification offered to students in Canada and The United States. The College Board AP Central website has three great Art sections: Drawing2D Design and 3D Design, which each include a link called ‘Drawing Portfolio with Student Samples and Scoring Guidelines’. These provide access to an excellent collection of student work, each accompanied by clear explanations for the marks they have received.