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3 minute movements

Brian Reverman's 3 minute movements  Youtube playlist on a range of art styles/movements (SB Art History)

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Late C19 Art: The rise of modernism

Best Art History sites


Smarthistory Youtube playlist

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

For example, see chronology for '1900 until the present' and select geographical areas to see art examples, timeline and background information for art in that period/place.

Google Arts and Culture Artists, mediums, art movements, and more.

Art History Resources on the Web

A history of perspective in art

A history of modern art

Arts and facts (podcasts)

Art History resources (later C20)

The Art History Archive including links to art and artists from various countries and cultures

Best Art History Websites (EdTechTeacher)

Arts Online Art History includes art periods in chronological order, Art styles and movements, and more.

Timelines of Modern Art

Art history videos

Smarthistory Youtube channel

Otis College Art history videos - from cave painting to the nineteenth century

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