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Visual Art: Animation

Online resources supporting the learning and teaching of the Visual Arts


How to get ideas

The Alphabet

Star Wars

Le Droit de Suite

Acid Drops

Gong - How to stay alive

Les trois inventeurs


Gulp was shot entirely using the 12-megapixel camera of the Nokia N8 smartphone. It’s the world largest stop motion animation set with a scene stretching 11,000 feet. Read more about it here.

Tin Toy - John Lasseter

Have you seen my sister Evelyn?

The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics

Board to Death

I didn't see it coming - Belle and Sebastian

Father and Daughter - Michael Dudok de Wit

Design means on purpose

The Deep

Please read our license before re-using or sharing

Angela A Thomas

Memory tapes "Yes I know"

Disney's Copy Paste

The Tadpole

Insanely Twisted Planet



How did you get this number