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MHS Library | Art

Australian Video Art Archive

Guggenheim Museum YouTube Channel

70 Million by Hold Your Horses

Tate YouTube Channel

Click here for the Tate YouTube Channel.

Indianapolis Museum of Art YouTube Channel

Click here for the IMA YouTube Channel.

Every piece of art you've ever wanted to see - from museums around the world

Art21 YouTube Channel

Click here to go to Art21's YouTube channel. Click here to go to PBS Art 21.

Art Education Videos

MoMA YouTube Channel

Click here for the MoMA YouTube Channel.

Googe Arts and Culture on YouTube

TED talks: Art topics

Art Babble

Art Babble is worth visiting for videos about art. Check out the videos series  or the channels or look up artists. Look at examples of artworks under themes, medium, period and style.

SFMOMA Video channel

Click here for the SFMOMA YouTube Channel.

Gagosian Gallery YouTube Channel

Click here for the Gagosian Gallery's YouTube Channel.

The Met Museum YouTube Channel

Art History YouTube channel - Brian Reverman

Brian Reverman's Art History YouTube channel includes 3 minute movements - (About these:) to expose students to artists beyond the usual heavyweights the ISB Art History channel has collaborated with a number of international school art instructors to produce a new series of short videos. These videos dubbed 3 Minute Movements, will be introducing many different aspects of art history. Short and sweet they are meant to whet the appetite of students to pursue their own research.  Here's an example -

Montana Colors Video Channel

Click here for the Montana Colors Video Channel.

70 Million - Hold Your Horses (the paintings)

John Baldessari - Recycling images

See more John Baldassari videos here.