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MHS Library | Library FAQs

MHS Library


This guide contains information to help you become familiar with the library’s services, resources and facilities.

The Library is open 8am-4pm Monday - Thursday and 8am-3:30pm on Fridays. 

Printing, photocopying and scanning


There are 2 printers/photocopiers/scanners in the library. Both print in black & white and colour.

Printing and photocopying costs

For A4 b/w: 10 cents;  Colour: 30 cents

For A3 b/w: 20 cents;  Colour: 60 cents  

Printing credit

You are allocated $30 annual credit. Top-ups can be made by cash in the library, or by any payment method at the general office.

Scanning to email is free via printers


Laptops and calculators

10 x security lockers for laptops charging.

2 x laptop chargers for use in the library - please return to the hooks when you're done.

4 x USBC chargers attached to tables at the windows

10 x CAS calculator dock and charge.

NO charging cables are available for borrowing.

Binding and Laminating

Laminating costs:

  • $0.50 per A4
  • $1 per A3

Binding costs:

  • $1 per A4

Please see a library team member if you would like something laminated or bound. Library monitors are also able to laminate if they are on duty.

Library Resources

Any student, teacher, non-teaching staff, parent or Melbourne High School community member may formally challenge a library-based resource on appropriateness. This procedure is for the purpose of considering the opinions of those persons who are not directly involved in the selection process of library resources.


Approach any library staff member for assistance.

Using the catalogue Infiniti

Access the catalogue Infiniti here.

Find the information on searching, logging in and reserving in Infiniti here.

Library spaces

Study rooms

Students can book a room for up to 8 people via booking sheet at the Library circulation desk. Bookings open daily at 8am and you may only book for 1 period per day.


Students may book the GLC for meetings etc. Please ask a library team member to do this for you. The GLC may be used anytime there is no class booked. A bookings roster is posted next to the door.

LIB Meet room

Students may request this small room for oral practice, online calls, etc. by speaking with a library team member.

Library Reading Area or Library Main Area

Students may book these spaces for recess or lunchtime events. This is at the discretion of The Head of Library, Ms Morscheck. 

Library loans

What can you borrow and for how long?

up to 15 items

Fiction, non-fiction, bibliographies, 10 items, 3 week loan
Dictionaries 1 item, 1 day
Magazines 3 current periodicals, 3 week loan
Overnight text and study guides 3 items (not all from one subject area), 1 day
Literature circles 1 item, 10 week loan
DVDs 3 week loan
Blazers and ties 1 of each, to be returned the same day you borrow them
Calculators 1 day

Renewing items

You can renew twice online via the catalogue Infiniti link or see a library team member for help. 

Reserving items

You can reserve a maximum of 2 items. You will be notified by email once the item(s) is ready to collect. 

Returning items

Return items in the returns chute outside the library or in the returns box near the front desk.


We ask that you consider others' needs and return your items on time. We do fine for high use items in the overnight collection and for ties.  Items will be charged at .50 cents per day. 

Lost items

If you have lost an item you will be required to pay the cost of a replacement item. If you find the item after you have paid, we will reimburse you.

Overdue items

Once item(s) are overdue you will receive weekly email reminders sent to your school email account. 


To see what items you have on loan, log in to the library catalogue with your student code & normal password.