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Visual Communication Design: Visual Communication Design

VCE subject


Cato Partners - specialises in identity management and design and is one of the world's premier design agencies.

Fathom Creative is a graphic design studio, anchored by two key directors who are design and communication experts for print and screen. 


Garry Emery


Design with Intent – Blog

Digital Eskimo is a human centered design consultancy

IDEO works with nonprofits, social enterprises and foundations. Through human-centered

design projects, they aim to bring stability, hope and dignity to communities around the globe

that are wrestling with poverty

The belief at Infoxchange is that everywhere people should have equal access to information

communication technologies. SocialDesign is part of the broader Infoxchange team that delivers

technology for social justice.

SocialDesign studio delivers a range of web, graphic design and social marketing services to the

health, community and welfare sectors.

Digital Media

Dogma - services include advertising, design, digital and publishing. We take a creative idea and make it work for your business, tailoring our services to your needs.

Infront - is a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, design companies and other related websites.



Dreamtime specialises in Indigenous design by Indigenous designers

Design Edge – Fashion Incubator

The incubator not only gives Indigenous fashion designers a chance to show and sell their work, but it provides the opportunity for them to access business information, mentoring and small business skills workshops so they can grow their businesses in Australia and internationally.

Gilimbaa is an Indigenous creative agency.

INDIGO, the International Indigenous Design Network, is an open platform that connects designers worldwide in an effort to explore our understanding of indigenous design.

VCE Visual Communication Design 2013-2017

VCE Visual Communication Design Study Guide

Scope of study

The Visual Communication Design study examines the way visual language can be used to convey ideas, information and messages in the fields of communication, environmental and industrial design. Designers create and communicate through visual means to shape the everyday quality of life for individuals, communities and societies. Visual communication design relies on drawing as the primary component of visual language to support the conception and visualisation of ideas. Consequently, the study emphasises the importance of developing a variety of drawing skills to visualise thinking.

Technical Drawing Specifications Resource 

Media are the digital and non-digital applications used to make visual communications. Examples of digital applications include vector-based and raster-based programs. Examples of non-digital applications include pencils, ink, markers, pastels, acrylic paint, gouache, dye and film. 

Materials are the surfaces or substrates that visual communications are applied to or constructed from. Examples include paper, screen, card, textile, metal and plastic. 

Design elements are components of visual communications. For this study they include point, line, shape, form, tone, texture, colour and type.

Design principles are accepted coventions associated with arranging or organising design elements. For this study they include figure-ground, balance, contrast, cropping, hierarchy, scale, proportion and pattern (repetition and alternation).

Design Fields and Components of Visual Communication 

Communication Design – presents visual information for communication purposes

Includes Graphic Design, Information Design, Digital and Web Design, Advertising, Print Publication/Book Illustration and Typographic Design, Package/surface Design and Logo Design and Brand Identity.

Environmental Design – presents visual information to communicate information about built/constructed environments

Includes Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Set Design and Exhibition/Display Design.

Industrial Design – presents visual information to communicate information about objects and products

Includes Engineering Design, Product Design, Furniture and Fashion Design.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Australian Copyright Council

Australian Government Intellectual Property


Architecture and Design is the online presence of the Infolink Architecture & Design magazine

BVN are award winning architects

John Wardle Architects

Wolveridge Architects are award winning architects

Woods Bagot is a global studio specialising in the design and planning of facilities across three key sectors: Education, Science and Health, Lifestyle and Workplace.

Additional links

Designer’s Bookshelf (DB) provides an online resource of book reviews that aims to cover the

latest and greatest design books, plus those classic and out-of-print titles. The book categories

include Graphic Design, Logo Design, Typography, Illustration, Design Theory and UI &

Web Design. They also post site updates, monthly giveaways and news on design events in the

Articles section.

Imaginative Packaging Design

Logo Lounge is an online library of national and international logos, detailing logo trends and

the latest in logo design. A great tool for research, discussion, inspiration and reference.

Pin-up is an independent architecture and design gallery, project and event space housed within

one of Melbourne's most vibrant creative precincts. Firmly engaged with promoting local

debate yet with an international outlook, Pin-up is dedicated to exhibiting, communicating and

promoting architecture and design in an accessible, responsive and inspirational environment.

RMIT Centre for Design promotes sustainability through research, consulting, and capacity

building through active dissemination and professional development. They are recognised

internationally for innovative design methods and tools to support sustainable design of

products and services – everything from packaging and consumer products to buildings, suburbs

and cities.

Victorian Government's Design initiatives

Year levels

Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12

Components of the production of Visual Communication Designs (VCAA)

The design room on Pinterest

The Design Room has an extension collection of examples for Visual Communication Design.


Letterbox (Stephen Banham)

Australian Type Foundry

PBS Arts

Professional Practice - Off Book  In episode 2 of Off Book, typeface designers Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones outline the importance of selecting the right font to convey a particular feeling. Graphic designer Paula Scher talks about building identity in messaging, while Eddie Opara uses texture to create reaction. Infographic designers Julia Vakser and Deroy Peraza map complicated data sets into digestible imagery, mixing colour, graphics and type.

Typography - Interview with Ken Barber

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