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Science: Experiments

Experimental Research Project

The Experimental Research project should help you understand the scientific method and give you an opportunity to participate in scientific processes. It is important that you choose your own topic because it gives you an opportunity to do science in an area in which you have a definite interest. The activity should be fun and allow you to learn more about the science of a topic that is of interest to you.

Successful Topics

  • What ingredients make the strongest concrete mixture?
  • Examining Battery price and durability using and electric circuit.
  • The effectiveness of different lubricants in reducing friction?
  • The effectiveness of various cleaning agents.
  • Determining and comparing the efficiency of an electrical motors.
  • Index of refraction of liquids at different temperatures
  • Comparison of effectiveness of different waterproofing substances.
  • Measuring sound through different material.
  • Comparison of the heat flow through different substances/media.
  • Measuring efficiency of solar panels.
  • Effect of fan blade angle/size/shape/number on cooling
  • Loss of rope strength due to knots.
  • Investigation into different insulation materials.
  • Strength of different timbers.
  • Comparison of energy content of different nuts.


The KWHLAQ chart may help you when you're working on this project


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Science Experiments


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