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(These websites are sourced from the Sociology libguide created by the University of Melbourne)

What is Sociology?

A summary of the principles of Sociology:

  • by definition, human society involves people entering into forms of relationship with each other. Such relationships take many forms and may - for instance - be described as predominantly cultural, economic or political, although various combinations of these are normal.
  • patterns of human relationship become institutionalised in the course of their reproduction over time and may therefore be referred to as ´social institutions´.
  • the reproduction of social institutions has increasingly incorporated global influences and exchanges but local influences remain important. The outcome is a process of interchange between the global and the local.
  • in order to participate in society human beings maintain an understanding of their relationships with others and of the institutions in which they participate, whatever the scale.
  • the task for sociologists, therefore, is to capture this understanding in a more systematic way and provide substantive explanations which nevertheless are understandable in terms of everyday life. (Source: British Sociological Association)

What do sociologists do? (BSA)