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English Language Year 12: English Language Year 12

Blogs, organisations...

Ozwords For the dinkum oil on Australian English. A blog from the Australian National Dictionary Centre, a joint Australian National University and Oxford University Press project.  
Australian National Dictionary Centre 
All Things Linguistic is a daily linguistics clog by Gretchen McCulloch.
Superlinguo - A blog about language and linguistics by Lauren Gawne.   
Lexical Items - A blog about words
Everyday Linguistic Anthropology 
The Lousy Linguist (California, USA)


Listen to these podcasts

Lingthusiasm (Subscribe on Soundcloud or just listen)
The World in Words 
Word for Word (Macquarie Dictionary Australia)  
Macquarie Dictionary 
The Aussie English Podcast

Lexicon Valley
That's what they say (Michigan Radio)
Talk the Talk podcast - a weekly show about linguistics, the science of language (Perth, Australia)
The Expressionists - a podcast about idioms

Articles about language

Plonk: A language lover's guide to Australian drinking (The Conversation, July 2017)
Up a wombat's freckle by Barry Humphries (The Times Literary Supplement, June 2017)
"I want the word 'gay' back": Bob Katter (The Australian, August 2017) Note: There are close to 30 different senses of 'gay' in the Oxford English Dictionary. 'Gay' meaning homosexual is recorded from the 1920s (Ozwords on Twitter)