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English Language Year 12: English Language Year 12

Blogs, organisations...

Ozwords For the dinkum oil on Australian English. A blog from the Australian National Dictionary Centre, a joint Australian National University and Oxford University Press project.  
Australian National Dictionary Centre 
All Things Linguistic is a daily linguistics clog by Gretchen McCulloch.
Superlinguo - A blog about language and linguistics by Lauren Gawne.   


Articles about language

Plonk: A language lover's guide to Australian drinking (The Conversation, July 2017)
Up a wombat's freckle by Barry Humphries (The Times Literary Supplement, June 2017)
"I want the word 'gay' back": Bob Katter (The Australian, August 2017) Note: There are close to 30 different senses of 'gay' in the Oxford English Dictionary. 'Gay' meaning homosexual is recorded from the 1920s (Ozwords on Twitter)