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What I need to do 'in a nutshell'

Go to the MHS Civics and Citizenship website

Consult with the teacher librarians assigned to your form (F/K/M Ms Saunders; G/H/L Ms Sheko; A/C/D Ms Buckland; B/E/J Ms Arundell)

Look carefully at the marking criteria

Key Tasks for the Civics and Citizenship Project

Task 1: What does it mean to be a citizen in Australia and a member of a democratic community?

The presentation will be an oral examination for 15 to 20 minutes per student to a group on Monday 15 September.

Task 2: A Call to Arms – Bringing Alive the World War I MHS Roll of Honour

You will demonstrate your knowledge through the completion and presentation of the task work. Record your research using the template provided.

Both tasks are due Monday 15 September 2014.