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Science: Year 10 P.E.: Nutrition

Protein powders

Carbohydrate loading

Due to an increase in popularity, ultra-endurance events such as an ironman triathlon have been the focus of numerous scientific studies which aim to improve a triathlete’s performance levels through specific training and nutritional strategies. Fatigue in an ironman triathlon can be attributed to the depletion of muscle glycogen and declines in blood glucose, which ultimately impairs performance. By elevating muscle and liver glycogen levels through carbohydrate loading prior to an ironman triathlon, and by continuing to ingest carbohydrates for the duration of the event, optimal performance can be achieved. The early development of carbohydrate loading saw the development of a model which consisted of two phases, the depletion phase and the loading phase. However, as a result of further research, a modified method of carbohydrate loading was developed to avoid the undue fatigue associated with the depletion phase. (Carbohydrates: The key to optimal performance in an Ironman triathlon, Jodi Watters.)

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Should we be eating food that contains fat? (Dr Rebecca Reynolds, lecturer and nutritionist, University of New South Wales).

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Importance of breakfast


Coke for breakfast

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Adolescent nutritional requirements

Food additives

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Vitamins and Minerals



Energy drinks

Typically reliant on caffeine to boost stamina, energy drinks in the United States primarily target younger Americans. The drinks are most widely used by teenagers and those under thirty-five and appeal to a largely male consumer base. Like coffee and tea—which are not considered “energy drinks” since their caffeine is naturally occurring—energy drinks are marketed to students in order to provide extra energy to study or to complete homework and athletes hoping to enhance athletic and mental acuity. (Energy drinks. By: Pizzo, Lucia, Salem Press Encyclopedia, January, 2015)

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Using Contents and Index pages in a book

What is the difference between a table of contents and an index in a book?

The Tables of Contents tend to be chronological and follow the order of the book. You can skim this to quickly see if there is anything relevant to your search.

The Index, on the other hand, is typically alphabetical and usually have more detail, like specific subjects, people, phrases, etc. that appear somewhere in the book. It will also tell you what page the specific information is on. You can scan this section.

If you're looking for a chapter or section, use the table of contents.  If you are looking for something more specific that may appear more than once in the book, check the index.

Choosing your sources

In your assignment instructions:  

  • It must clearly show all of your sources and you must use at least 3 different sources. (types of sources)
  • Clearly show your sources. You must use at least 5 different sources and one of those MUST be a recognised book or journal (These items can be found in any library!) ie Non web based source.

What is a non web based source?

If you search on Google, you will retrieve a web-based source which you will need to evaluate as an authoritative source or not.

If you search a database (eg EbscoHost or (within this) Explora) then you will retrieve digitised articles from authoritative books or journals. 


Foods for different diseases


Fat diets

Fat lot of good (New Scientist) - sourced from EbscoHost - Explora - Health

The Paleo diet


Population groups at risk of zinc deficiency in Australia and New Zealand Journal article from Nutrition and Dietetics - sourced through EbscoHost - Explora 

Fueling for sport - pre/during/post

Fuelling for strength and power


Tour de France/ultra-endurance calorie intake

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