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Science: Metals

High quality information

To find high quality content, start with the Library's resources rather than a search engine and save time.

Finding books

Finding magazines

Search the library catalogue for New Scientist, Scientific American and other science magazines.

You can also search for New Scientist articles online in Ebsco: Australia and New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre

  • Click Publications
  • In Browse Publications enter New Scientist
  • Select New Scientist -> Add
  • Type in your keywords -> Search


Visit the Melbourne High School Library Databases for login details.
Click on the image icon to go to the database.

EBSCO Host includes:

Science Reference Center

Explora Secondary Schools which contains Science and Maths resources listed alphabetically.


Einstein A Go-Go with Dr Shane and colleagues

Science for Everyone!! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.

Recommended by Mr Sarbinowski

Extracting Metals from the Earth