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Science: Genetics

Library Resources

Genetics websites

Centre for Genetics education Australian site
Genetic Basics From the US National Institute of General Medical Sciences. 
Genetic disorders Detailed information on genetic diseases and conditions related to genetic disorders.
The genetic science learning centre From the University of Utah. Interactive simulations on a variety of topics, including DNA, genes, chromosomes, proteins, heredity, cells, blood types, and RNA. Build your own DNA molecule and protein.
Genetics Education Center From the University of Kansas.
Genetics Information about DNA, chromosomes, genes, forensic science, finger printing and cloning.
Genomic revolution From The American Museum of Natural History.
Understanding genetics From TheTech.  

Human Genome Project

Genetics & Ethics

Genetics and ethics Information about consumer rights and the labelling of food products, the ethics of patenting genes, eugenics, animal rights and welfare, the regulation of genetic engineering and the environmental impacts of new organisms.

For Teachers

Centre for Genetics Education Information in the form of fact sheets about genes, genetics and transgenics. Students will find information about patterns of inheritance, changes to chromosomes, genetic testing, screening and prevention, technology implications, various genetic conditions eg. Thalassaemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Klinefelter Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Huntington Disease, Haemophilia, Cancer etc.
Genetics biotechnology Links related to the themes genetics and biotechnology.