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Biology: Mangroves & Seashore Life


Mangrove links - This site lists a range of sites to extend your knowledge of the mangroves. Find a great picture, examine the pneumatophores up close.
Mangroves - more than mud and mozzies - A Queensland government site designed specifically for school students. Click on the word mangrove to get all the details.
Mangrove interactive Seagrasses, samphires and swampy places are explored in this interactive game where the user can click on the different parts of the environments to discover why Adelaide’s coastal wetlands are so important and why they are in trouble.

Wetlands and Seashore Life

Biodiversity Australia's biodiversity
Environment Australia The Coasts and Oceans web site aims to provide information and guidance on action to understand and care for Australia's coasts and oceans, and to promote the wise use of our marine resources.
Marine Biology From the sidebar, choose Ocean science topics then Biology.
Marine Ecology
MESA  Marine Education Society of Australia Explore the links for details about marine plants and animals.
Natureworks Animals and plants 
Oceans Alive From the ABC, use the Links and Jewels of the Sea sites for further information on plants and animals of the seashores.
OzEstuaries Information about Australia's estuaries and coasts.
USA Environmental Protection Agency Wetlands, oceans and watersheds.