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Apps for iPad/iPhone: LOTE Apps

iPad and iPhone apps to enhance teaching and learning

Apps and 2.0 - Practical ideas for the languages classroom

Dictating for foreign language fluency

An essential part of improving student’s fluency in a foreign language is providing practice in speaking. However, for practice to be effective, students have to receive feedback on their pronunciation skills.  This apptivity is designed to give students an opportunity to document their fluency improvement. (Read the whole lesson on: Apptivities, it's the application of apps


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Duolingo To learn a new language on Duolingo you read, listen to, and translate words and phrases.
TAO - TranslateIt! Online - one click translation of text into numerous languages using Google translate.
AIUEO-HIRAGANA - Touch, Listen, and Learn Japanese.
Japanese Phrases & Lessons - 2,700 Japanese phrases with sound
French English Dictionary & Translator - French - English Dictionary
TouchLanguage French - Learn over 2,000 French words and phrases
简明英汉词典 - English - Chinese Dictionary 
German English Dictionary & Translator - German - English Dictionary
Italian English Dictionary & Translator - Italian - English Dictionary