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Geography: The Amazon

Online resources for Geography

The Amazon - Street View


McGraw Hill's AccessScience provides fast, easy and accurate access to authoritative articles in all major areas of science and technology. McGraw Hill's AccessScience has on-line articles, research updates, scientific definitions, biographies of scientists, illustrations and graphics, animations and bibliographies, content contributed by 5000 researchers, including 36 Nobel Prize winners, the latest news in science and technology and includes a weekly Questions and Answers update.
EbscoHost - The Australian and New Zealand Reference Centre is an online index of journals and newspapers. A great deal of content is available in full-text. It does provide full-text of The Age, The Australian and the Herald-Sun.
ClickView Online is a digitised video library available across the School Network and from home. It provides access to approximately 10,000 titles which can be searched by category or keyword. ClickView also enables a movie clip to be exported in a format that can be inserted easily into Powerpoint or Word.