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Visual Art: iPad Art

Online resources supporting the learning and teaching of the Visual Arts

Examples of iPad Art using mobile apps

Benjamin Rabe using Brushes app

When the Red Cross is late. Painted by Benjamin Rabe

with his finger on his iPod, in SketchBookMobile with ArtTree and Thicket. 

Luis Peso. Cover for Kafka's In the penal colony. Allegedly the first book ever illustrated entirely on the iPad. App used: Sketchbook Pro.

Collaborative mobile art. Cedric Philippe. Painted on the iPad over

Luis Peso's piece using the app Brushes.

Fingerpainting by Cédric Philippe on his iPod using app Brushes.

Fingerpainting by Cédric Philippe on his iPod using app Colours

The Storm. Fingerpainted by Cédric Philippe on the iPod using app Brushes.

See more ipad art by Cédric Philippe on his website.

Woven Narratives

Woven Narratives is an ongoing dialogue of signs, symbols, marks and color between Fabric Lenny and Jonathan Grauel. The trans-Atlantic artworks are created collaboratively.

Woven Narratives. Set 002 - For Hamburg

Check out all the narrative sets here.

iPad Art - various artists

Nikolai Lockertsen - process

Watch Nikolai Lockertsen's drawing take shape. Created on the iPad using apps Brushes and Snapseed.

Stef Kardos

Fingerpainted on the iPhone by Stef Kardos using NetSketch app during a gig at House of Blues in Anaheim. 

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App: Procreate

Nikolai Lockertsen's first art work using Procreate app.

Nikolai Lockertsen

by Nikolai Lockertsen. Painted on iPad with Procreate n Snapseed

See more of his iPad art here.

Collaborative art projects